Can you have 2 car insurance policies

Can I have 2 car insurance policies????

There are a lot of reasons someone to want insurance his own car twice, especially if someone else often drives the vehicle too. The good news are that it is not illegal to have two car insurance policies on the same car. But you have to know you may face some difficults during making your two car insurance policies. Probably this won’t happen at the same insurance company. So here are some of your options if you want 2 car insurance policies on the same car.

1. Insurance policy one. You can make it at any insurance company.
2. Insurance policy two. Choose another one insurance company. There is a disadvantage though – you will have to purchaise second insurance polcy, so your payment becomes double. You have to be careful too, because having 2 car insurance policies at different insurance companies may break the policies of one or both insurance carriers.

How-to pick insurance policy?
Probably you have doubts about what insurance policy to choose for you and the other person who drives the same car as you do. If you want to have two different car policies for one vehicle – it is not impossible, but there are other ways too. You can just be more informed about your possibilities like finding a good car insurance which provides good coverage and you both can afford, so you can save some money and still get what you want.

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