How advertising has changed in 2018 and 2019?

How advertising has changed in 2018?

Ads are changed in 2018 on several ways. Firstly, their target audience is different. Tv ads are usually pointed on to passive users, while internet ads are strictly targeted on active users. These active users have the power to influence the advertising process. They choose what kind of ads want to see and what kind they don’t want.

SEM ads – Facebook, Google Adwords and etc. All of them can be pointed out as the second important change that advertising process experienced in 2018 and 2019. SEM ads are a way to gain more traffic to websites by using purchased adverts.

Apps and ads – Google play store and Apple Store: Nowadays you can see different ads everywhere even while you are at Google Play Store or Apple Store. Of course, you can close/skip every ad after 10 seconds.

How-to stay updated with ads in 2019?
If you want to stay updated with ads in 2019 it is enough to be online for a couple of hours daily or you can search for some interesting articles about all future changes that are planned.

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