Outsourcing industry – fuel for the development of office space in Bulgaria

Hardly a secret for anyone in the country, the outsourcing industry represents one of the main segments of the Bulgarian business with significant contribution to the growth of the national economy. Showing no tendency to slow down the companies from abroad continue to transfer some or most of their activities in Sofia and other big cities and thus fueling other forms of enterprise. The outsourcing firms influence substantially the development of the office space in Bulgaria and claim a big share of the demand for new buildings and high level working environment.

Sofia is among the top cities in Eastern Europe with a persistent demand for such real estate in the recent years. So the rise of numerous new buildings to answer the call was expected and even somewhat late. And it’s not going to stop anytime soon since the western companies are aware that the Bulgarian employees pay them back good in terms of the level of quality received for the money invested. The search for top category office space in Bulgaria will continue in the next few years and will not slow down maybe for at least half a decade.

Foreign investors know what they look for to achieve their goals but might not be aware of the environment in the country and might not know about the unseen obstacles which are about to appear on their way. The legal requirements for a proper office space in Bulgaria occur to be a matter in the expertise of limited group of people rarely including those who cross the border to bring their business here. Forton is ready to support any form of enterprise that is about to plant its activity inside the country especially in the search and the assessment of the real estate the business needs to thrive.

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